Released From: 01, February, 2016 We want you to be familiar because we collect personal information about you and how your information is being used chose options with regard to the collection and use of information.


This website privacy policy investigates your practices connection collects through our websites :


Take action to review this Policy and feel comfortable to contact us with any questions at.

While using this website you are to agree the terms of policy.


We have option to change this policy any time without any notice and information.

Which types of information we collect about you?


Information you provide when you apply about your credit report and score through the site. For instance required to submit Name, Address, Social Security Number, Telephone Number, Date of Birth and E-mail Address.


• Your credit and debit card account information collect from your credit report. For example, we collect credit and debit card account information form you on our site, over the phone and from your credit profile from the national credit reporting companies in our private work


Your internet IP address to trace your location and information about your browser. On our online work we make it possible we collect your family information also like co-applicant.


We do not share your personal information any other companies we protect your all data and safe because of our terms and condition we take your personal information without it we cannot fill your application about credit score